Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sniff Sniff Christmas 2013

Driving to office on Nov 6, after the long weekend break to be greeted by this gorgeous Christmas tree...
#1 for my Christmas'03...time flies, does it not?!!!
The deco's still on-going...
Guessing the theme's became a routine, since I first started working here in 2010...

Once upon the time...a young and naive me...(Dec 2010)

If you're working in this "Golden Triangle of KL", you probably would've noticed, there'll always be one indoor Tree, right in the middle of Menara Hap Seng podium and one outdoor Tree, standing tall and proud in front of Mercedez Benz Showroom...

#2 Yea, let it snow! at Marini's on 57 

#3 Starbucks, Menara Hap Seng
"Hohoho...Merry Christmas!" - Malaysian Barista Bear 

Considering any Christmas gifts from Starbucks?

Personally, I love this! at RM55 each.

You can customize this, by drawing your own ornaments! at RM35 per set.

Cute espresso got feel! at RM32 each.

Or some Christmas blend to warm up this festive season...

Make a coffee lover merry with limited edition of Christmas Starbucks Card maybe?

Ajik Amirul, the friendly and attentive baristas...with some others, like Nurul & Iman and other familiar faces that I can't recall their names....

They're a bunch of young & energetic crew, spirit's always high serving every customer with a big smile on their cute faces! Kamsa hamnida guys....m(^^)m

Gossips Discussions, business proposals, production meetings, breakfasts, evening gateways, after work chillax sessions, lonely brunches on Saturdays, mini celebrations, travel stories sharing, and life philosophy classes...Starbucks Menara Hap Seng's been my favorite oasis at workplace! People came and left, but memories and legacies stayed...Lessons learnt, life goes on... 

For today: all time fav blueberry cheese muffin and Amirul's recommendation:
Perpermint Mocha Frappocino....eewww...super sweet!!!

I'd better stick back to my hot mocha, tall, without wipped cream...(",)

But you may try their Christmas Joy:
     You feel the seasons here at Starbucks...with their periodical and seasonal recipes...

One and a half month before 2013's time to reveal, rethink and for this long hibernating Bubble's Studio, we'll return with a makeover, for real, this time!


Have a good one~!!

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